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Installing flooring and carpet in your home is a big job. You can’t trust just anybody with such an important task, one that you’ll see the results of every day. The professional carpet installers at Alexandria Carpet One Floor & Home can provide you with the pristine new carpet you deserve at a budget-friendly price. Our installers have years of experience and can complete your flooring project quickly and efficiently. Need next-day carpet installation in Alexandria, VA? No problem!

 Respected Carpet Manufacturers

We have relationships with some of the best carpet manufacturers in the business, so you’ll be sure to get top-quality results for your money. Whether you choose carpets made of wool, nylon, polyester, or acrylic, your new floors will be a point of pride in your home. Alexandria Carpet One Floor & Home’s most trusted manufacturers include:

 Endless Benefits of Carpet Flooring

Sometimes carpet gets overlooked in favor of hardwood. Despite that, new carpets can come with significant benefits. First of all, carpet is much more comfortable than hardwood. Even if you don’t plan on sitting on the floor often, carpet offers more comfort when standing as well. This benefit is improved if you add carpet padding underneath the new carpet. In addition to comfort, carpet flooring keeps your home quieter. Hardwood allows sound to bounce off the walls and echo, while carpet absorbs it. Finally, carpet can be better for your health and overall safety. Recent studies show that carpets can help people with respiratory issues, and carpet greatly minimizes the risk of slipping. Even if you or your child has a fall, the landing is much softer on carpet than other flooring materials. If you’re convinced to try new carpets in your home, call Alexandria Carpet One Floor & Home for next-day carpet installation in Alexandria, VA, and surrounding areas.

 Preparing for Your New Carpet Installation

Once you’ve decided on new carpet installation, you’ll need to take a few steps to prepare. You’ll need to move all of your furniture off the carpet and anything else breakable or valuable. The professional installers at Alexandria Carpet One Floor & Home take every precaution to ensure the safety of your belongings but removing them is the best way to guarantee their safety. You’ll need to clear the room of wiring, too. Televisions, computers, and other entertainment systems should have their wiring unplugged and stored. It’s also a good idea to take sheets and blankets off beds and other furniture so they don’t collect dust. Your final step before your new carpet installation begins should be to vacuum the old carpet. This will remove some of the dust and particles that could end up in the air once your new carpet installation in Alexandria, VA starts.

 How Our Carpet Flooring Installation Process Works

Our experts at Alexandria Carpet One Floor & Home make carpet installation look easy. At your request, we’ll do a next-day carpet installation using material made by only the most trusted manufacturers. Once our installation team arrives at your home, they remove the old baseboards and flooring and check for underlying damage. If everything looks good, they’ll lay the carpet padding and tack strips. Measuring floor space and cutting the carpet to match comes next. No matter the shape of the room, we can cut your carpet to the exact size. Lastly, our team will lay your new carpet and tack it into place, removing the excess carpet and reinstalling baseboards in the process. Don’t worry; we won’t leave you with the excess mess. Our seasoned team will clean up the old carpet and new carpet scraps. You’ll be able to enjoy your revamped space as soon as possible at a low carpet installation cost.

 Financing That Works with Your New Carpet Budget

At Alexandria Carpet One Floor & Home, we want you to have the carpet you deserve without the typical carpet installation cost. We know that carpet prices can discourage many homeowners. That’s why we offer several financing options designed to take the burden off you and your family. Don’t wait for new carpet. Contact our friendly staff today to learn more about our financing methods and get the carpet you’ve always wanted.

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If you’re ready to install the best quality carpet Alexandria, VA has to offer, get in touch with Alexandria Carpet One Floor & Home right away. Our next-day carpet installation services are first-rate, and our experienced installers can handle any task, big or small. Visit our expansive showroom today to see our flooring and carpet options firsthand. You can’t go wrong when you contact Alexandria Carpet One Floor & Home. Request a free estimate today!


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