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Carpet in Alexandria, VA

Discover top-quality carpet flooring at Alexandria Carpet One Floor & Home – your premier destination for affordable, brand-name carpets in Alexandria, VA. Our extensive selection ensures you'll find the perfect carpet for any room in your home. Whether you're transforming a single space or your entire residence, we provide expert guidance to facilitate a wise investment. Take advantage of our complimentary flooring estimates and measurements. Our inventory boasts an array of carpets and remnants tailored to diverse budgets and preferences. Rest assured, our carpets are sourced exclusively from industry-leading brands and manufacturers, guaranteeing superior quality and reliability for every Alexandria home. Elevate your space with our trusted carpet solutions.


The Many Benefits of Carpet

Experience the multitude of benefits that carpet flooring brings to your Alexandria, VA home:



Discover the unparalleled comfort and practicality that carpet brings to your living spaces at Alexandria Carpet One Floor & Home.


Which Carpet Works Best for Me?

Choosing the right carpet involves considering your space, lifestyle, and budget. The carpet's "pile" or fibers play a crucial role. Opt for synthetic materials like nylon or polyester, or natural materials like wool. Factor in features such as stain resistance for an informed decision.


Explore our popular carpet options and their functionalities:



Where Can Carpet Be Installed?

Carpet is a versatile choice that can enhance the comfort and aesthetics of various spaces in your home or business. Consider the following areas where carpets can be installed:



Professional Carpet Installation

Enhance your living spaces with the warmth and comfort of carpet flooring, a versatile addition to any interior—except for bathrooms and kitchens. Whether you're envisioning a plush shag carpet in the master bedroom or a durable, dense option for high-traffic areas like staircases and family rooms, choosing the right carpet is key. However, the journey doesn't end with your carpet selection; proper installation is paramount to ensuring longevity and maximizing your investment. Keep in mind these tips:



Embark on your carpet installation journey confidently, knowing that the right choices and preparations will transform your space into a haven of comfort and style.


Where Can I Find Virginia’s Best Carpet Selection? 

At Alexandria Carpet One Floor & Home we specialize in carpet options for all budgets and needs, backed by amazing product warranties. We're proud to be part of the world's largest independent flooring cooperative and offer you incredible variety and competitive pricing. 


We're proud to serve the diverse flooring needs of clients throughout the greater Alexandria, VA, area. Please visit our local showroom soon to browse our carpet selection.


Does My Floor Need Replacing?

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Choose Carpet Padding

No ifs, ands, or buts about it: carpet padding isn't a step you should even think about skipping. Here's why.
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