Save Money and Get Creative with Carpet Rolls

Short Carpet Rolls

If you want to redo your living space or office but don’t have a large budget, short carpet rolls may be a great solution for you, especially if you have an open mind and are flexible. At Alexandria Carpet One Floor & Home Showroom, we are always well stocked with the types of carpet you desire, all at amazingly affordable prices. Should you want something even cheaper, we also have a variety of choices for short rolls.

Short Carpet Rolls

Decorate on a Budget

Although short rolls are carpet remnants, they may not be what you think. These aren’t oddly shaped leftover pieces disposed from other projects, nor are they poorly cut carpet rolls either. Instead, they are short carpet rolls sent directly from the manufacturers, and you’d be the first person to utilize them. Because our business has established many connections over the years, you’ll be able to choose from name-brand companies, such as Stanton, Robertex, and Karastan. Not only will you get to enjoy quality carpet rolls, but you’ll also get to enjoy highly discounted prices as well. These short rolls usually have price reductions of 50% to 70%, which means you’ll definitely get bang for your buck. You can also have our staff custom-cut these carpet pieces to fit your needs.

Stay Warm

Carpet is a great choice for floorcovering since it can help insulate your home and retain heat. We have access to Alexandria’s largest selection of woven wool and wool blends. This can be great if you have little ones, since everyone can walk around barefoot without feeling chilly on their feet. Because your home will naturally retain more heat with carpeting, you’ll also find a reduction in your energy bills, since you won’t have to run your heater as much. Not only does carpet keep you warm, but it can also help with noise reduction if you’re worried about sounds reverberating in your house. Your children and pets can run around and play without you having to worry about them disturbing your downstairs neighbors.

Create Beautiful Rugs

Do you admire a certain type of carpeting but want it as a rug? You’ll be pleased to know that Alexandria Carpet One Floor & Home Showroom can do that for you. When we cut remnants off short rolls, take advantage of those pieces and turn it into a rug or functional piece. Our in-house team members are experts at binding and serging carpet, so speak to them about creating a piece for you. They’ll answer any questions you may have about binding and serging, and help you determine which is right for you. After they create the rug for you, our team members can also provide you with synthetic padding called “Super Move Not”, which is slip-resistant. By keeping your rug in place and free of wrinkles, you can prevent accidents from happening in your home.